Christian Belcher

I am a student at Keystone High School as a Junior.  My goal is to graduate, continue to College and pursue studies in Physical Therapy and/or Chiropractic.  I am active in physical training at Genesis Fitness, and you'll see below how this all came about.

As a young boy, I was always thin and many kids made fun by calling me a "string bean".  Whenever we played in PE, I rarely got picked for games, and when I did and we lost, I was told it was because of me.  I would get pushed into walls and poles but never fought back cause I would get overpowered. We used to play basketball during recess and one kid would always punch me in the stomach to take it from me.

When I got to high school I was scared from it and became a shell not talking to anyone or going out and being with friends. I soon became addicted to video games playing up to 9 hours everyday. I had maybe one friend and never had a girlfriend. In my sophomore year I joined to weight team but became overwhelmed from it and quit.

I tried ROTC raiders and wrestling. And used to do sports until an injury ending all sports. I suffered a brutal knee injury causing me to become even shyer and back to video games.  That’s when I started watching videos online about fitness training and was inspired by Aziz Shavershian, commonly known as Zyzz, a physical education trainer who, just like me, was described as a skinny kid years before.  That's when I decided to join Genesis Fitness and get started.  I did and trained hard. People complimented me but all I saw was the same skinny guy.  I soon quit video games and became a gym only guy. I soon lost friends and a girlfriend, as a result, because I was too focused on my training and going to the gym very frequently. While the slow progress sometimes depressed me, I stuck with it and eventually started to see results.  The best way I coped with haters was to simply ignore them and keep to my goals.

I have been a volunteer team leader of Vacation Bible School in my church.  My main accomplishments were to motivate many of my friends to train to overcome their low self-esteem about their bodies.  My hobbies are working out and just seeing the world and not letting people’s negativity get in the way.  

Todd and Will at the gym have been of great help to me to provide encouragement and support.  Thanks guys.

My mission is to motivate everyone and help them realize no matter what situation they are in, they can always smile and get through it.