Laura Berkelman

I’m single, and very close to my mom, my sisters, my four nieces and nephews and eight grand nieces and nephews.  I usually see all of them during the course of a year even though some live in TX, CA and Sweden!

After a lifetime of sitting in offices working on commercial property and casualty insurance issues, I’m still spending too much time on the computer working for volunteer activities, but also getting outdoors more.

I’m currently president of the Santa Fe Audubon Society and I keep busy with our board with many activities of arranging educational programs and field trips, partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Putnam County, operating a kestrel nesting program, partnering with a local company to obtain bird data at their industrial site, and more!  I participate with other local organizations such as the water conscious Santa Fe Lake Dwellers and the ever helpful Melrose Library Association, but Santa Fe Audubon takes much of my time.

Besides civic activities I enjoy playing bridge, spending time with my mom and family, traveling, reading, bird watching (of course!) and walking.  I combine my love for walking and travel each year with a vacation spent walking from inn to inn in a new place each year.  One of my favorites was the Hadrian’s Wall walk.  We walked from one coast of England to the other!

I started at Genesis for the yoga.  A highlight of any day has to be coming out of a yoga session with the strength, balance, stretching, twisting and calm relaxation.  But now I’m hooked also on the sense of accomplishment with the weight machines.  I have a tiny bulge in my arm now….it’s a muscle!  I find the balance of strength training, stretching and meditation from yoga balances well with my time walking outdoors.  As research is discovering, time outdoors in nature is restorative, physically and mentally.

One reason I’m active in Santa Fe Audubon is so that others can have an opportunity to benefit from nature and appreciate nature in all God’s glory!

My favorite quote is:  “Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute!”  (German for “Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, say all the lazy people.”)  It helps me avoid procrastination!