Esau Bright

Esau and his wife Crystal, a nurse at Shands Orthopedics, have two daughters, Destiny Bright 16 And Dezaray 12.   Both of his parents are from lawtey Florida. His father Esau Bright III, is a retired Airborne Ranger from the United States Army( special forces ). His mother is a retired  Florida correctional Sargent.

Esau’s grandfather Esau Bright Jr.(deceased) was also in the United States Army and was a boxer after getting out of the military he became blind however he was able to run his own construction business later in life he ran Esau Bright’s Big Catfish ( in Lawtey) which people from all over came to fish. Because he was blind his business had to be ran on trust and respect which everyone honored. His grand father played a big role in raising Esau and taught him what it meant to be a man. Esau Spent a lot of time with his grandfather when his dad was deployed. His grandmother was an educator and worked with troubled youth in Quincy Florida.

Being a canine handler is one of the highest liabilities one can have in the agency. As A canine handler, Esau is assigned to patrol. “Prior to being selected  you must tryout to join the team then you are interviewed by the other team members and go through a physical portion to see if your fit enough to handle the job”, he says. There are only 10 canine handlers at the Sheriff's department.  Once selected my canine partner Roscoe and I had to go through training together for 640 hours.

That training consist of obedience, tracking, apprehension work, building searches, area searches and the location of narcotics. Once you are assigned to patrol you assist the zone Deputies with there duties along with any high-risk situations that may arise. If the suspect runs it is our job ( Rosco and I) to locate the suspect and apprehend him whether it be by tracking him, searching a house, searching the woods or chase him down. Canines are also used when situation may be too dangerous for a deputy to locate the suspect we can send him into buildings are other areas without risking a deputies life. We also specialize in sniffing to find several different types of narcotics.  My canine partner Roscoe lives with me and goes home with me at the end of every shift.  

Esau trains in Brazilian jujitsu at straight to the point MMA under Pete Santiago in Keystone Heights.  He’salso on the SWAT team. (9 years).  The SWAT team is  Responsible for serving high risk warrants, responding to hostage situations along with anything that the sheriff deems necessary.