Will Giles

Will, a single man, is currently a line cook at Dick's Wings in Starke. He also runs a food blog and moderate for Domestic Dan, a happy go lucky food streamer on twitch.tv in his spare time.  He enjoys a nice game of golf when he can actually get out to the course and I also likes cooking for friends.

In his own words, Will is just a guy that likes to cook, workout, and talk to people.  This is confirmed by many Genesis Fitness members and trainers.  Members say that Will is funny, respectful, pleasant to be around and has a good sense of humor. Additionally, two trainers indicated that he is very friendly, social, hard working, highly motivated and as such becomes a motivator by example.

Will spends most of his free time at Genesis Fitness, “I'm there pretty much 6 days a week for anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on the day” he says.  Since starting working with his trainer, Roger, he has made significant changes to his body structure while keeping himself motivated, laughing, and in good spirits no matter how hard his workouts are.   “He has really given my workouts a great format and structure so I can easily stay on track if one of us has to miss a day” he added.

Will came to the gym wanting to make a change in his life, his health, his weight (150lbs down!), and his overall outlook on the future.  “It has been close to a year since I walked through those doors with little to no clue what I was doing, and since then, I've gone from barely being able to comfortably walk a mile to being able to run one with ease” he stated. He says that he met so many good people along the way, and the patrons at Genesis have really become a pseudo-family of sorts.  “I go each day knowing I'm going to get to laugh with Will Parramore and most of his clients while I'm there, notably Mrs. K and Doc” he indicated.

In his words:

“Then there is Mrs. Jan, I can always count on her for a hug, a laugh, and words of encouragement, she really makes a good day into a great one.  I'd just like to thank everyone named and unnamed for giving me the motivation to accomplish my weight loss goals and taking that journey with me.  The staff of Genesis is second to none, so from the bottom of my heart I'd finally like to thank Todd, Roger, Will, Mrs. Mary, Anna, and Josh for making the gym great.”