Gretta Grainger

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Gretta and her family moved to Gainesville when she was two. There were five girls in her family; two sets of twins, she being one of the twins. In 1992, Gretta moved to Melrose after graduating from UCF with a degree in Math Education. She taught at Eastside High School and Lake Butler Middle School,  then stayed home to raise and homeschool her two children, Lily born in 1995 and Oliver born in 2000.

She has always been an avid exerciser, competing in marathons, ironman events, and swimming in high school. About five years ago Gretta joined Genesis, hiring a personal trainer to help her get stronger, which therefore helped her also have a more competitive edge in triathlon events. She has been very committed to Genesis, and truly enjoy the atmosphere and the people. “There have been some rough emotional times recently in my life and knowing I had Genesis and the people/friends I've made there helped to kept me going” she said.

In addition to weight training, Gretta is a big time cyclist, both road cycling and mountain biking. The longer the distance, the better!! She completed a Brevet series of 200k, 300k, 400k, and a 600k ride.

After many many years of cycling, “I can now finally say I'm an "A rider" and can keep up with the fast group” she says. Now that her kids are older, and she is almost on her own, Gretta decided to go to Massage School. She is also very involved with SPCA of North Florida and has been fostering kittens/cats for the past 8 years. Gretta also volunteers for the Pink Pumpkin Cycling Pedal-Off which is a cycling event in Gainesville, in support of raising money for research for triple negative breast cancer.