Marion Kelly

Marion has been a Keystone Heights resident for the past 48 years.  Both her son, Alan, and daughter, Joey graduated from Keystone Heights High School and continued their education in Gainesville, FL.  Her daughter even won a scholarship for her master’s degree at Florida State University after graduating from the University of Florida.

Marion considers Keystone Heights as an ideal place to raise a family and has been involved in many local activities to give back to the community.  She also was employed by Clay Electric Cooperative for 33 years before retiring in 2012.

Marion is actively involved in many local activities and has received awards for her service three years in a row for Our Country Day Celebration.  Her occupations these days center around a variety of volunteer organizations such as:

In essence, when Marion is not exercising at the Gym, you can rest assured she is active in serving our community.  Genesis Fitness is proud to count Marion as one of it’s members.