Ann, Michael & Lucas Marsiske

After moving to the Lake Area from Gainesville in late 2016, Ann, Michael and Lucas each joined Genesis Fitness in 2017. Each was also on their own fitness journey.  

Ann is an Associate Professor and Department Chair in Nursing at the University of Florida. Her area of research is pain and aging, which relates to her fitness goals.  “I want to do everything I can to maintain my health and everyday functioning, so I can enjoy this beautiful region for as long as possible.” Ann has been working regularly with a trainer for almost a decade, so she was happy to learn that she could continue making progress close to her new home.  “Genesis is a friendly place. It is nice to see smiling and friendly faces of all ages every time I come. I’m never intimidated, and I feel supported”.

Michael is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair in Clinical and Health Psychology at UF. His research interests focus on maintaining brain function in late life. He came to Genesis after a successful year of weight loss, having lost over fifty pounds. “I want to do what I can to maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that regular exercise can be an important element for maintaining mental and physical abilities as we age.”

Lucas is a full time student at Santa Fe College, majoring in Computer Studies. Like many students his age, he managed to add the “Freshman Fifteen” pounds to his weight. After losing that weight (and more), Lucas is now enjoying the challenge of getting of stronger and building his endurance.

“There is no question that having the whole family sharing the Genesis experience is helping us all to support each other and stick with our goals,” says Michael. “Having Genesis practically in our backyard, in Keystone Heights, gives us no excuses,” adds Ann.

Each of the family members has also benefited from extra coaching and support from Will Parramore, a trainer at the gym. “He teaches you what to do, how to mix it up, and how to establish the best form to minimize injuring yourself,” notes Michael.

When not at the gym or at work/school, the family putters in the garden and enjoys their lake front. Three rescue dogs (beagle, whippet/terrier mix, and Amstaff) keep them busy with daily walks, and provide lots of laughter.