April 2019 Member of the Month… Sue Berger

Our member of the month features individuals who are actively involved in community service and/or inspire others through their personal accomplishments.

Sue Berger

Since I retired from nursing, my hobbies are stained glass, shopping, piano, overseas traveling with my husband Brent, shopping, walking our dog (per her request), spoiling our four grandchildren, and working out at Genesis every day.  Did I mention shopping?  I really enjoy Todd and the staff at Genesis and being greeted by the friendly people who work out there.

Hi, I’m Suthilak (Sue) Berger.

I was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   My father was a psychiatrist and medical professor who was educated in the US and England.  He loved the US and when he retired, the family moved here.  I married one of his former students, who came to do his residency in Minneapolis.  As a registered nurse, I worked at a hospital there for five years. We had one daughter, Gasiya, while in Minnesota.  When his residency was over, we moved to “the Sunshine state” where my ex-husband had a medical practice.  I was pregnant at the time, so when my second daughter was born, we named her Sunshine.  I was the office nurse at my ex-husband’s practice in Starke.  While living in Starke, I “raised my hand” and became a proud citizen of the United States.  Subsequently, I met and married a man from Keystone Heights.  We have been together now for thirty-seven years.  I also became a Christian and was baptized at Trinity Baptist Church.

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