Woody Reynolds

I grew up in Gainesville and after serving in the military and living in Ft. Lauderdale for over ten years, my family and I moved to the lake region in 1983.  We had spent several summer vacations on Lake Geneva and fell in love with the area where time seemed to have stopped somewhere in the 1950's. It seems ironic that I live less than a mile from where I learned to ski behind a rowboat with a 7 1/2 H.P. kicker and the kid running the boat is now one of my neighbors.

I retired from The U.S Postal Service in 2007 as a Rural Letter Carrier serving the Gainesville area. Since retirement my wife of 48 years, Debbie, and I have done quite a bit of traveling both here and abroad. We have been active members of The Vette Set Corvette Club in Gainesville after having an old age crisis and purchasing a corvette. We have really enjoyed boating, the beach, and biking since we have been able to do it during the week when many times we are the only ones around.

We were into fitness  before we retired but now it has almost become a religion. We are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning regulars. We do strength training before and after Regina's yoga class and somewhere in there catch up with the many friends we have made at Genesis. Before going home for lunch and a nap I try to walk two miles around Keystone.

I always kid Todd about being the luckiest guy in Keystone but in reality I really think we are the lucky ones to have Todd and " The Genesis Family".

To the question,”If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would you choose? “Jay Leno”,he said,”the ulttimate car guy”.

His favorite quote… “How bad can it be.”