Kristin Schoenberger

Kristin has been happily married to her husband William for 18 years, and they have 2 lovely daughters, Aimee and Katie . She is the Sales Manager for her Family’s Employee Leasing Company and also owns Laurel Run Alpacas in Melrose.  She is currently the Vice President of Interlachen High School Band Boosters with a focus on Fundraising for new marching band uniforms.  She also supports our area FFA community through Interlachen High School.

Kristin is a 3 year breast cancer survivor so her main mission and focus is on her health. “I was diagnosed in April 2013” she said and spent the next year and half going through chemo, radiation and several surgeries. Her greatest support she received was from her family, especially her husband, Will, who was her anchor. Social media also played an important role.  It allowed her to connect with Women from all over the world who were going through and experiencing the same feelings she was, even at 3 in the morning.  “Finding a medical team that you trust is essential,” she said, and she was blessed to have her Oncologist, Dr. Laura Dickerson and her reconstruction surgeon Dr. Jason Rosenberg in her corner.

Will Paramore’s knowledge and dedication has given her the opportunity to build her strength and stamina through an individualized work out program.  He accomplishes this through realistic  goal setting, patience and a great sense of humor.  Genesis Fitness allows me to be part of a close knit fitness community and I will be forever thankful for their support.

To the question  "If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?"

“My father who passed away 12 years ago.  His daily support has been greatly missed.”

Her Favorite Quote- “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort zone”

As time allows Kristin enjoys fiber arts that pertain to alpaca fiber such as spinning yarn and knitting.

“We are alpaca breeders and a full fiber farm” she said.  They shear the animals once a year to produce yarn to be sold to crafters, knitters, and crocheter’s.  Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. It is light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep's wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic