Mary Leigh Sehulster

Mary Leigh has been a Keystone Area resident for the past 9 years.  Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been her home all of her life.  The mother of 2 daughters, she also has 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  Mary Leigh is a retired teacher from Alachua county, but still substitute once in awhile at Melrose Elementary.

Local activities are what motivates Mary Leigh.  Her volunteerism is spread over many associations and organizations.  Here's a list:

We asked Mary Leigh 2 questions:

First: "Why are you involved in community service.  Her answer; "God has blessed me so much I just want to give back to our community."

Second: What do you do Mary Leigh in your spare time?  Her answer; "I love to play gold and dance as well.  "I also go to Genesis Fitness regularly to stay healthy."

Thanks Mary Leigh for all your service to our community.