Matt Teague

Born in Melbourne, FL, Matt and his family moved to Keystone Heights from the Orlando area when he was in sixth grade.  Married to Sara, they have 4 children, all boys.  Kyler, 19, is a 2014 graduate of Keystone Heights High School, Fletcher, 16, is presently in his junior year in Keystone Heights, Garrison, 9 and Andru, 10 are both in Middle School.

Matt is Regional Sales Manager for Option Care, a specialty pharmacy providing infusions for patients in their homes. His wife, Sara  is a mortgage consultant, representing University Lending.

In his senior year of High School, Matt was voted 1st Team All State in football.  As he considered attending college, his choice was the University of Florida.  As a senior, Matt was fortunate to play on the 1996 National Championship Football team.

Even as a young kid, Matt enjoyed sports and his interest of kicking soccer balls evolved into football over the years.  In high school, Matt realized he had a special talent as a place kicker and punter.  He also played quarterback, receiver and defensive back.  He considered then that his favorite sport was basketball, but also found that football was equally challenging to him.

Matt and Sara are proud to be part of the Keystone Heights community and Matt is actively involved in youth sports primarily as President of the Athletic Booster Club organization he spearheaded last year.  Our mission, he says, is to make the athletic experience of our young people as positive as possible.  We provide support by fund raising, involving our community in athletic events, and encouraging excellence in athletics.

He also enjoys the local Gym, Genesis Fitness, along with his friend Todd Sigmon, the owner.